Beekeeping Course

"Learn as much as you can, then practice that which makes you happy."

These NEW modules have been designed to assist you in accessing these important lessons during the peak of honey bee activity.  All instruction is in field (outdoors) and includes live bee handling.  You will learn all that you need to safely manage your own honey bees, whether for pollination, the environment or your own honey harvest.


This module is focused on the basics for managing one honey bee colony.  This provides the important foundation of bee-knowledge that every beekeeper needs.  This includes:  Bee biology, hive architecture, life-cycles, seasonal growth, operations, environment and equipment.  Choose the weekend in June that suits you best for this Module.

·  Classification and identification of species.

·  Life cycles of castes and colony.

·  Hive Architecture.

·  Seasonal growth and management.

·  Suitable and unsuitable environments.

·  Identification and management of pests, predators and diseases.

·  Also, Equipment; operations, regulations; record management

We encourage you to bring notebooks, pens, and/or cameras as needed to record your experiences.

Module  II

This module is focused on managing a bee yard.  Two hives or two hundred, bee yards require special management techniques.  By applying the foundation knowledge of Mod I you will know how and when to:  Divide hives (splits), control swarming, build nucleous colonies, re-queen, add honey supers, move hives and catch swarms.  Choose the July weekend for this Module that suits you.

·  Hive Division, its method, conditions, and timing.

·  Swarm Hives; inspections, adjustments and alterations.

·  Building Nucleus Colonies (nucs).

·  Queens: new queens, old queens, queen cells building, and mating.

·  Lost Swarms: how to catch and control.

·  Brood boxes and honey supers added and adjusted.

·  Hive moving techniques and equipment.

Further instruction/consultation by the beekeeper/instructor will be charged at a rate of $25.00 per hour on-site, plus travel expenses off-site.

Module  III

This module is focused on managing the honey harvest and the all important winterization.  Methods and techniques vary depending on scale and timing.  Finish your season right with quality honey and healthy, secure colonies.  Questions from all modules answered in the summation.  Just pick your weekend.

·  Honey collection methods.

·  Extraction techniques.

·  Honey grading.

·  Feeding and winterizing colonies.

Bees are happiest on warm sunny days.  They don't like to fly in a heavy rain or wind and it isn't much fun to work in the rain either.  A light sprinkle won't hurt but re-scheduling is always a possibility.  We will do our best to accommodate for this and any other extreme or urgent issue if it should come up.